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Inno Textiles is a manufacturer of industrial non-woven textiles with extensive finishing capabilities, and has specialised in supplying into niche industries. As such the company has developed the ability to manufacture highly technical products designed to meet the often stringent requirements set by its customers.

Inno Textiles specialises in the manufacture of quality, value added, industrial non-woven’s, primarily for the shoe and automotive industries, although its product range also includes hygiene and filtration. Its process capabilities include needled non-woven, various types of coatings, sintering, full impregnations, calendaring, hot melt applications, laminating, random velour’s and structuring.....

The nature of the target market chosen by the company means that Inno Textiles has to remain extremely flexible and innovative at all times, often designing and building custom equipment in order to meet the customer’s requirements. We at Inno Textiles realise that product expertise alone is not sufficient, and that this must go hand in hand with stringent quality control, excellent service and competitive pricing.















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